Conclusion and update on boxing till now in India 2019 Featured

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Conclusion and update on boxing till now in India 2019
As the time is passing Amjad khan is picking a pace to deliver some great boxers from his side alongwith, talent emerging through fights clearly indicates the success of hardwork done by Team AKBTC 
Recently an event is being successfully completed which shows Anthusiasam among all team member. Mr Sandeep Marwah has also co tributed his part for this event to be organised in Marwah Studio.
The most important thing of this event was every fighters were excited because some of them were debuting there career and some wanted to continue their winning streak. All fighters were being appreciated,Some showed there skills that impresses everyone out there. 
Two fighters have been selected for their international match, Rahul thapa is going to fight in Australia and  Rakesh Lochab is going to fight in Saudi Arabia respectively.
The reason behind the positive intensity of this  event is due to presence of business tycoon Shail peerzada, SM Khan, Brigg Murlidharan raja, Wajid ali DIG makes the event more valuable throughout that event. 
It is also been supported by some reputed companies,brands and promotions like DDMG mouth guard has been launched and supported by Dr Taranpreet Nijhawan,Ak promotion by Amir khan(Olympic silver medalist),Monster, unplug infinity they all have shown interest in promoting their brand as well through this event. 
Overall these boxing sports events are going through some new ideas and excitement among youngster, who need to understand the fundamental of different fighting styles and sweet science behind it.
Under Coaching by Chandan Singh in akbf things are getting improved as the number of youngters are joining to test themselves on the basis of their physical abilities and mentally.

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