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Here's How You Can Prevent Common Cold- Best Home Remedies That Won't Fail Featured

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Common cold is a condition which causes sore throat, runny nose, congestion, cough, sneezing, slight body aches or milk headaches and even mild fever.

Signs and symptoms of common cold can vary from person to person. Common cold is usually a result of viral infection of nose and throat. It can make you feel weak for days but it is usually harmless.

Children below the age of 6 are at high risk of common cold. The conditions is fairly common in adults too, and can occur twice or thrice in a year. People who have weak immunity or those who eat out frequently are also at risk of common cold.

Now, you may soon be able to stop a common cold before it hits you. Scientists have discovered a new approach that can prevent the common cold virus from spreading, and can also provide complete protection against the viral infection.

Rhinoviruses are the ones responsible for common cold in humans. There are 160 different types of virus and so far it has been difficult to detect their ability to rapidly become resistant to drugs.

According to the study published in Nature Microbiology, common cold caused by rhinovirus can be prevented in future by using the host-directed therapy.

This therapy enabled researches to attack a specific protein which was used by viruses to replicate and multiply. In a way, the therapy can prevent the body from being a host to common-cold causing viruses.

Stanford University and University of California researchers said that by turning off the protein called methyltransferase SETD3, the common cold causing viruses lose their capability to replicate inside cells.

Results of the study showed that turning of SETD3 can also prevent viruses from replication and keep common cold at bay. It can also prevent other dangerous viruses including the ones that have been linked to polio and paralysis.

This new approach can be used to develop a new drug that can temporarily suppress the protein and stop common cold.

Common cold home remedies

Some simple precautions and lifestyle measures can help in preventing common cold. Maintaining a proper hygiene and eating clean home-cooked food can be effective in preventing common cold. Following are other common cold home remedies that can help:

Wash your hands regularly: Before and after eating food, after using the toilet and entering home after spending a few hours outside are times when you must wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitiser.

Use tissues: Whenever you are coughing or sneezing, make sure you use tissues. Discard tissues after use and wash your hands after.

Avoid sharing: Do not share drinking water, glasses or utensils when someone around you is sick. Use your own glasses and utensils and make sure that they are well cleaned before you use them.

Keep your indoors clean: Your house should be cleaned regularly with proper disinfectants. Mopping, sweeping na dusting should be done on a daily basis. Children's toys must also be washed periodically.

Stay away from someone who is suffering from cold.

Consume a healthy diet: Avoid eating foods from restaurants or junk food joints, especially during change of weather. Exercise regularly and work towards getting a proper sleep. Do not take stress.

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