BCCI May Push For Longer Terms For Sourav Ganguly And His Team Featured

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Saurabh Ganguly

The BCCI members will push for a longer term for Sourav Ganguly and his team at the Board's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on December 1, when they also vote on the constitution that was approved by the Supreme Court last year.

They need a 3/4th majority in the general body for their proposals to be passed but it also has to have a Supreme Court's nod. The proposed amendments could put Lodha Committee recommendations under threat.

These proposals and the AGM notice went out on Saturday.

If BCCI proposes, and the Supreme Court accepts then Sourav Ganguly may have a six-year term at the helm of the BCCI, instead of nine months.

The constitution says an office bearer who has held any post for two consecutive terms (six years) either at a state association or in the BCCI, or a combination of both, shall not be eligible to contest any further election without completing a cooling-off period of three years. During the cooling-off period, the person cannot serve in any capacity in both the BCCI or at state level.

Now, the BCCI is likely to propose that the cooling off period be applied to an individual when they have finished six years at a stretch in the BCCI or state association.

They want that the joint secretary, vice president and the treasurer be allowed to finish nine years in one go. The BCCI also proposes two of the most powerful functionaries -- the president and the vice-president have a six-year term before cooling period kicks in.

If this happens, Sourav Ganguly will be in for a longer term.

The proposal also seeks more power for the secretary, a post that's currently held by Amit Shah's son Jay Shah. They want secretary to head the Apex Council and for the CEO to report to him.

The current body wants disqualification criteria for IPL Governing Council members relaxed, as also India's representative to the International Cricket Council (ICC). They would like to see experienced people negotiating on behalf of the BCCI.

Sourav Ganguly-led body wants the '70 as age cap' disqualification criteria removed for the IPL governing council members and 'holding public office' disqualification criteria removed for apex council members and office bearers, both are against the recommendations of the Lodha Committee.

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